Continental Night Club Gallery

Continental is an original place for organization of private events with a list of guests selected by you. We can adjust every detail to your requirements. Our hostesses will provide entertainment, which is a secret dream of every man.

Show in fanciful costumes, wet girls in the Jacuzzi, or perhaps you want to try tequila from the woman’s body or take a bath in champagne? All of that is within a hand’s reach..

Our guests can take advantage of five rooms and a well-equipped drink bar.

PL Serwis zawiera materiały erotyczne przeznaczone dla osób dorosłych.

EN This service contains erotic materials designed for adults.

DE Diese Website enthält erotisches Material, das für Erwachsene bestimmt ist.

RU Сервис содержит эротические материалы, предназначенные для взрослых.

Gajowa 53 street, Bydgoszcz

phone 52 35 66 099
phone 884 399 885

every day from 14 to 6 am